The best blender food processor combo for a balanced diet

A blender, food processor combo, can be an ideal appliance for your smart kitchen. This blender has unique features  that can make food preparation faster and easier. This appliance is perfect for every kitchen home where there is no available space.

Besides, a food processor is needed to dice, grind, knead or shred any hard ingredients. It is also needed for soups, purees, and frozen drinks.

The Ninja Blender-Food Processor Combo. It is powerful for making smoothies, flours, and frozen drinks.

More, It has a 1,200-watt motor base and comes with an impressive lineup. You can use to create a variety of recipes in a flash. 

This blender lets you pulverize large amounts of vegetables, fruits, and even frozen ingredients in seconds.

This blender also comes with an 18-ounce single-serve cup that lets you get your creations going by screwing on its spout lid attachment.

Its powerful pro extractor blade and stacked blade assembly. It will work together with single-serve cups as well as the processor. This unthinkable blender-food processor combo can make frozen ingredients and ice with ease.

  • Dimensions: 7.5″D x 8.25″W x 17.25″H
  • Wattage:1200 watts
  • Capacity:64 Fluid Ounces 
  • Functions: 3 Functions + 1200 Watts
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Includes: 5-cup Processor Bowl
Ninja Blender-Food Processor Combo


  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Features three one-touch smart settings
  • Parts are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free


  • Sharp blades can be difficult to clean
  • Prone to cracking

Customer Says/Review

This product is the perfect size for my counter space and does exactly what it claims to do. I have been using it for about two weeks now and it blends frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables well. I would recommend this product.

Opinion: It is the amazing that the attachment of this blender is fabulous and you can use it all the time. You can make this smoothie four or five times a week easily. Though you will get tiny bits of lettuce and blackberry seeds, it will make a delicious smoothie. So, it is a wonderful blender. 

02. Oster Blender-Food Processor Combo

  • Materials: BPA-free plastic and glass
  • Weight: 7.9 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.25″L x 8″W x 15.25″H
  • Wattage: 1,200 watts
  • Capacity: 5-cup food processor
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Includes: Multiple types of blades, bowls, jars, and lids
best blender;food processor;juicer;food processor;combo;3-in-1 blender


  • Good wattage
  • Easy to clean
  • Pre-programmed food settings
  • Simple one-touch controls
  • Safe, BPA-free design


  • Prone to leakage
  • Heavy compared to others
  • Glass jar is breakable
  • Other parts are still plastic

Customer Says/Review

Works great but, make sure the bottom is very tight or leaks are bad. About to ruin my wooden table. I now unfortunately have to make sure it’s super tight every time. They think they need to send a well and ring for the bottom of the pitcher.

Opinion: Dual Direction Blades for extra blending power to chop and grind with precision. Plus 1200 power watts of ice-crushing power. Pulse feature for added control and precision.

03. Hamilton Beach Blender-Food Processor Combo

Do you have a busy lifestyle?  That is why you are looking for innovative tools that can make your life easy.

You can choose the Hamilton Beach Blender-Food Processor Combo without any hesitation. Using its parts it can easily crush, mix, chop, and slice both hard and soft ingredients.

700-watt motor and a wave system that pulls your ingredients down into the blades. They are mixing for a smoother consistency and better results.

This Blender has a 20-ounce BPA-free travel container. Its features a leak-proof lid, perfect for smoothies and shakes.

Moreover, the efficiency of this powerful appliance is high level. For creating delicious meals and drinks, you can use Hamilton Beach Blender easily.  The grey and black color of this blender enhances the beauty of the kitchen. 

Lastly, Hamilton is Perfect size in order to crush, mix, chop and slice both hard and soft ingredients. But, Lid is very difficult to remove once sealed. You cannot clean it without removing the blade.

  • Materials: Glass
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.8″D x 7.8″W x 15.2″H
  • Wattage:700 watts 
  • Capacity: 40 Fluid Ounces (5 cups)
  • Dishwasher safe: Jars, lids, bowls, and blades
  • Includes: Multiple blades, bowls, jars, and lids
best blender food processor combo


  • Wave action system for better blending
  • a BPA-free travel container
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Accommodates many batches sizes


  • Not ideal for crushing ice
  • Lower wattage than others
  • Small food processing bowl
  • The blender and slicer don’t lock into the base

Customer Says/Review

The blades to chop stuff inside were not as sharp as I thought they would be; it gave me a lot of trouble cutting tomatoes up. Other than that it was a good blender

Opinion: Hamilton is a high-level blender. It can perfectly crush, mix, chop, and slice both hard and soft ingredients. 

04. Cuisinart Blender-Food Processor Combo

If your kitchen is mediocre or small-sized, the Cuisinart may be an ideal tool to use in your kitchen home. You easily maintain the power and control of this blender combo. It is a perfect equality.   

The setting are very fast and easy in order to use chopping, food processing, and pouring. Moreover, you can use its various functions in a range and it can operate for crushing ice.

It comes with multiple attachment and spares parts. It permit you to chop, slice and shred any kinds of fruits and vegetables in a moment. These tools can easily crush through hard ingredients.

This 48-ounce glass and clear 2-ounce measuring lid make a slice of cake easily. These removable parts are dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to scrub them by hand after each use. Without your hesitation and free from worry of cutting your hand you can use this device. So, this  blender-food processor combo is included in our top list by testing its all features.

The machine works rather well for a non-professional blender, but about every six months to a year. And you have to buy a replacement part. If you’re handy and don’t mind doing this, it’ll last for a good, long while. If not, this is not the machine for you.

  • Materials: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 7.4″D x 15.5″W x 13.2″H
  • Wattage: 500 watts
  • Capacity: 48-ounce glass blender jar with premium
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Includes: Unit base^3-cup food processor attachment
  • Warranty: Limited 3-years
best blender food processor combo


  • a huge amount of flexibility for the price
  • usable in small kitchen home
  • Long-lasting die-cast metal build
  • Solid design
  • Food processors are great at chopping and pureeing


  • Blender required a longer run time
  • Food processor is more of a mini food processor
  • No case for storing the slicer
  • Prone to overheating

05. Sangcon Blender-Food Processor Combo

The Sangcon is an ideal appliance for preparing smoothies, milkshakes, and juices. It is also ideal to prepare pesto, sauces, minced meat, and peanut butter. This blender makes you reliable owing to its various-sized containers.

Cleaning this blender and food processor combo is super easy. Just wash  the bowl and blade after using it. Also, owing to dishwasher safety,  you can toss it on the top rack to prepare portions for later while you take care of other chores. 

  • Materials: Stainless Steel Blade
  • Dimensions: 5.71″D x 15.55″W x 10.63″H
  • Wattage:350 watts
  • Capacity:34oz
  • Functions: 3 Functions 
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Includes: 5 in 1 Blender and Food Processor Combo
best blender food processor combo


  • Comprehensive mixing and food processing sets
  • Flexible price
  • Comes with a cleaning brush


  • May overheat while blending
  • Can be difficult to tighten

Customer Says/Review

Though it can handle roughly chopped items and frozen things with ease, it is not as strong as a Ninja or Vitamix. 

Opinion: Being a BPA-free material and durable stainless steel blade, this appliance can be a great way to prepare cooking tasks.


A Food Processor Combo and a blender are essential for any standard kitchen. But, the Best Blender food processor combo is designed to perform both functions. The following infographic will help you to know about this innovative machine.

You should consider before buying a Blender Food Processor Combo- A Buyer’s Guide

Since there are many Blender Food Processor Combo in the market, anybody may be puzzled to choose a smart Blender Food Processor Combo from the market. But if you consider the following characters, you can buy the desired one among them. 

Motor power

It is inevitable to consider the motor power when buying a blender-food processor combo. The wattage of the motor is directly related  to how powerful and fast and efficiently the motor can mix or process ingredients. Honestly speaking, high-capacity appliances are expensive, but they provide their services with efficiency and performance.

Blade quality

As the different blades used for individual tasks are attached in a blender-food processor combo, you ensure what you need for your particular task. For instance, if you like to chop or dice foods, search for models with  stainless steel blades that have sharp edges that are easy to clean and won’t dull quickly. Besides, consider the other components such as jars and lids that must be made safe to use, BPA-free materials that won’t leak any garbage and chemicals into your food when exposed to high heat.


A best blender food processor combo should be flexible to use and clean. The features of the blender should be intuitive controls and pre-programmed settings for particular tasks, such as crushing ice or making smoothies. 

Since you are to use it from time to time, it is necessary to clean the blender. That is why you should also consider how easy it is to put together and take apart. Moreover, if you select an appliance that features dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleanup, it will perform better and will last many years. 

Blending jug capacity

Generally, the capacity of the blending jug means its volume size. The capacity of the blending jug depends on your intention of blending. If you do not want to separate your batches, you should choose a large jug to blend your ingredients together.  A large jug will help to save your time and labor.

Food processor bowl capacity

Food processor bowl capacity is important like Blending jug capacity.  If you love to make large batches of pureed vegetables or processed dough, then it might be a good idea to buy a model with a larger bowl in order to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.


Interior components including jars, bowls, and blades of a blender-food processor combo are important materials. That is why you should consider these components when purchasing this blender. For lasting this blender, you should consider BPA -free plastic designs and high-grade stainless steel parts. 

Cleaning and maintenance

Many people are careless about cleaning and maintaining their blender-food processor combo, which is not fair. It is inevitable to take care of the appliance in order to increase its lifespan and protect damage from occurring over time due to things like food residue buildup or corrosion from spills inside the appliance itself. For this reason, you should select the models which have detachable parts and these parts are cleaned and maintained very easily. 

Safety features

Remember when purchasing any kitchen appliance that safety is a top priority. A buyer should always take into consideration several features at the time of purchasing a blender-food processor combo.  These are non-slip feet (which help keep the device stable during use), an auto shut-off mode (which automatically shuts off the power, either to prevent overheating or after a certain period of inactivity), as well as a secure build that prevents users from coming into contact with sharp blades while blending or processing ingredients.


warranty is considered evidence of product security. So it is most important to consider how long its warranty is. Usually, many blender-food processor combos come with a warranty ranging from one to two years, which ensures their appliance will be replaced or repaired if any issues arise during use.  Additionally, some manufacturers offer extended warranties at an additional cost, allowing customers to protect their investment for a longer period of time.

Brand reputation

While purchasing appliances it is also a good idea to prefer established brands. Branding products will ensure the quality of your purchase because companies commonly clarify their product before releasing on the market. For this reason, Favorite brands usually offer better customer service than mediocre ones. 


Which is suitable between the Big size models or small-size models depended on kitchen space. If your kitchen is small or mediocre, you will probably want to avoid big, bulky appliances. Then, a small -size model is perfect for you. These options come with built-in storage compartments or attachments to make the most of available space while still being able to store all necessary components when they’re not being used.

How do we test blender–food processor combos

When testing the taste of the result, we also test the unblended ingredients in a blender. After processing hot sauce in each, we conduct a staining test to see how well the blender jug may be cleaned with soap and water. 

At the time of testing the food processors, we evaluate its servicing power, that means how quickly they chop, puree, shred and slice using an assortment of ingredients such as parsley, onions, carrots, canned tomatoes, zucchini, cheese and more.

Finally, we see its control panel beside looking for buttons, switches or dials that are clearly labeled and easy to use.

People Also Ask

How much does a good blender-food processor combo cost?

You have to spend for a good blender food-processor combo from $100 to $300 or more. Higher-end models are attached with additional features like an LCD screen, programmable settings, and multiple attachments for various recipes and usages.

What features should I consider at the time of buying a blender-food processor combo?

While purchasing a blender food processor combo, it is important to consider its capacity of the jar’s container, motor power, noise level etc. Based on these features your blender will help you to service perfectly.

Does a blender-food processor combo have any special functions or settings?

Definitely, A lot of blender-food processor combos maintain the functions with regard to chopping vegetables, blending smoothies, crushing ice, or grinding nuts. Also, some models are designed with extra settings that allow you to quickly complete specific tasks such as dips or salsas.

Do I need to buy any additional attachments or accessories for a blender-food processor combo?

Usually, many blender-food processor combos are designed with additional attachments like slicing discs, graters, and shredders, which are able to do more with a single appliance. If you want to make recipes easier, you can buy attachments or accessories.

What’s the Difference Between a Blender and a Food Processor?

Honestly speaking, there is no basic difference between a Blender and a Food Processor. But they have extra features to work on specific tasks. A blender always blends liquid ingredients into mixtures like shakes, smoothies, and sauces. On the other hand, a food processor is able to give better service than a blender. It’s capable of chopping fruits and vegetables, grinding nuts and other dry ingredients, mixing, and kneading doughs. In other words, they are capable of doing all this quickly and efficiently by using the different blades and preset functions that come with the machine.


We researched several brands in order to find the best blender-food processor combos. But we have seen that each blender offered similar options so we focused our concerns on power, functionality, durability, and price. You can buy your desirable blender-food processor combo.

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